As trainers and capability-builders, we strengthen a client’s ability to develop strategies and negotiate more effectively and to learn from its own best practices and experience. We have developed training and capability-building programs that improve participants’ ability to:

  • Negotiate and close large or complex sales
  • Handle the squeeze between consolidating suppliers and rising raw materials prices
  • Negotiate mergers and acquisitions
  • Handle business development and licensing negotiations
  • Purchase goods and services
  • Negotiate exploration and development deals
  • Negotiate private equity deals
  • Negotiate joint ventures, alliances and other partnering arrangements
  • Negotiate with professional service firm clients on fees, scope, relationship improvement, problem management
  • Negotiate internally to implement projects
  • Develop a strategy for getting design approval for large infrastructure projects, construct the project in a relatively uninterrupted way, and operate it without roadblocks
  • Negotiate information technology contracts