Lauren Walters

Senior Advisor Lauren Walters draws on experience in a wide range of negotiations from early stage venture capital to real estate development to privatization to political negotiations as well as in general corporate negotiations. In addition to negotiation, he has a focus on neutral third party roles as Chairman of the Board of the Consensus Building Institute.

In the private sector, Walters has served as a lawyer, investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur and strategic advisor. He is an investor in early stage new media, technology and biotechnology companies. He is a former board member of such early stage ventures as Time Trade Systems, and, and Wildcharge, Inc. In 1980, he began his investment and development activities in commercial and residential real estate projects. In addition to advising on a range of corporate and negotiation matters as a lawyer, he has served as an arbitrator in complex family matters.

From 1988-91, Walters served as Chief Operating Officer of Toll Road Corporation of Virginia, overseeing construction and regulatory aspects of the development and project financing of the nation’s first major private toll road. He was responsible for directing work of local and national law firms and consultants, including negotiation of a $200 million construction contract and 40-year operating agreement with the State of Virginia. He currently is a Board member and advisor to PDII, a privately held infection control company and the Chairman and co-Founder of Give Bars, a social enterprise.

Walters also has significant public sector experience. Walters was a professional staff member of the U.S. Senate’s Committee on the Budget from 1974-76. In the early 70s, Walters was an associate with Arthur D. Little, Inc., in Cambridge, MA and London, England, where he produced industrial and economic feasibility assessments. He has also served as an assistant to the Director of the Industrialized Housing Project at the National Academy of Sciences. He has served as a consultant for the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention, the Appalachian Regional Commission and as a staff assistant to former U.S. Senator Thomas F. Eagleton.

Finally, Walters has significant experience in the non-profit sector. He has served on the Economic Advisory Project for the Republic of Georgia, as Chairman of the Task Force on Privatization of Roads and Bridges for Commonwealth of Massachusetts and as Chairman of the Concord School Committee and the Concord Carlisle Regional School Committee. He is Chairman of the Board of the Concord Consortium and a member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Biolaw and Business. He is a former board member of the YMCA of Greater Boston.

Walters attended Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate, earned a M. Sc. from the London School of Economics and his J.D. at Georgetown University. He was a Fulbright Professional Scholar in Law and International Business in Korea and a Ford Foundation Fellow at the Federal Executive Institute. He has been an Aspen Institute participant and studied Strategic Negotiations at Harvard Business School. Walters was a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has lectured on real estate investment and development.