David Kovick

David Kovick has worked all over the world with leaders and organizations in the public and private sectors on complex negotiations, stakeholder engagement, and dispute resolution. As a Senior Associate with the not-for-profit Consensus Building Institute (CBI), David worked as both a neutral third-party, designing and leading stakeholder negotiations in some of the most challenging parts of the world, and as a negotiation trainer, advisor and coach to leaders of Fortune 50 companies.

In the Niger Delta, he designed and facilitated a state-of-the-art stakeholder negotiations process between Chevron, Nigerian government, and local communities that host oil facilities – leading to more valuable, more sustainable agreements for all parties. He has trained and coached senior leaders from the United Nations system and from companies such as Shell and Hewlett Packard on critical negotiations and dispute resolution with key partners and counterparts.

During his tenure with CBI, David simultaneously served as an associate with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI), where he supported the work of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Business and Human Rights. Specifically, David’s work with CSRI explored the role for stakeholder negotiations, mediation and dispute resolution tools within the context of business and human rights disputes.

David earned his JD from Stanford Law School in 2004 and his BA in political science and African studies from Duke University in 1996. In between, he worked abroad in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.