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David Lax and James Sebenius literally wrote the book on the most effective strategies for negotiating the toughest situations a company or even a country is apt to face. They have also written or contributed to many other sources of information on negotiation.



The resources listed below are a small sample of resources and links to give you a better idea of who we are and our approach to negotiation. (A much more complete list of publications can be found in Prof. Sebenius' publications list.)

Case Studies

Interviews & Presentations

Instructional Resources

David Lax and James Sebenius’ first book, The Manager as Negotiator, is an established textbook at the Harvard Business School and many other leading graduate schools.

Additionally, our principals play central roles in these programs at Harvard:

  • Strategic Negotiations: Dealmaking for the Long Term, presented by the Harvard Business School, in London and Boston; a week-long, intensive program in which, according to HBS, "some of the world's most influential business leaders will work with some of the world's most sophisticated negotiators to explore powerful dealmaking concepts and skills that maximize a negotiator's ability to create and claim value on a sustainable basis."
  • Strategic Public Sector Negotiation, presented by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, in Cambridge; a week-long, intensive program which, according to the Kennedy School, is for "senior level executives in government and their international equivalents, and senior executives in private and nonprofit organizations with heavy government interface. Negotiating successful formal agreements and productive informal understandings."
  • Advanced Negotiation: Deal Design & Implementation
  • Negotiating Complex Business Deals, soon to be offered by the Program
    on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, by David Lax and James Sebenius.

(Note: these programs have no affiliation with Lax Sebenius LLC. Contact the Harvard sites directly for more information.)

Professor Sebenius’s Publications page on the HBS site also lists many of his teaching and training materials.